Scams are Everywhere..Beware!

Everywhere we go, we are assaulted with scams to buy something we don’t need or want, donate $$ to organizations unknown to us, and to provide our personal information to get us out of a jam we didn’t even know we are in.

You’ve heard the saying “trust but verify”. In today’s culture, the rule to live by is “don’t trust and verify”. To be clear, the IRS, Apple, and Microsoft to name a few recent scam calls will never call you and ask for your login, your social security #, or for your credit card information.

And there’s no doubt about it - your long lost cousin or your neighbor’s best friend’s aunt are not lost in a foreign land without their wallet. Don’t trust! Verify!

Don’t click on links in emails from senders you don’t know. If it looks suspicious, you should be cautious.

Proactively protect yourself from fraud: freeze your credit (it’s free!), setup alerts for your credit card and bank accounts (it’s free), turn off data sharing on your devices and your email settings (yep, this is free too) and review your credit report every 6 months for new accounts setup with your name or social security #.