What happens if you get hit by a bus?

How do we know where to start to take care of the matters of your life?

Recently I had the opportunity to assist someone whose spouse was hit by a car and killed instantly.

Dealing with the grief of sudden loss is tough enough, but not knowing how to decode the financial and digital lives of our loved one is super stressful. The surviving spouse didn’t have passwords, didn’t know what bills were being paid, or how they were paid.

We live in a complicated world now. It means that it is much harder to step in for someone when they are gone or not able.

I will help you prepare so your heirs are protected from the stress of this situation. I can help if you are a survivor and are overwhelmed.

Cataloging Treasures

You have spent a lifetime accumulating valuable treasures.

How do your heirs know not to put your treasures on the curb with a “free” sign?

Not too long ago I was called in to “find the buried treasure”. The estate needed to be settled and no one knew if there was anything of value in the apartment inhabited for 50+ years.

So I had the task of sorting through belongings and turning the place upside down to find what was of tangible value in the 86 yr old’s life.

I help my clients organize a list of their treasures so their heirs can cherish the item as well as the story behind each one.

Time to Move


Time to ORganize

Do you really need to keep every receipt and tax return?

How many boxes of paper files have you accumulated?

I help a lot of clients who are drowning in paper…literally. Their home offices and garages are full of papers; yet, no one can seem to find what they are seeking.

I help you purge what you don’t need, and organize what you do so you can find what you seek.

Don’t move what you don’t need to keep!


Did you know you have a digital estate?

Does anyone else besides you know how to manage it if you’re not able?

I have helped several clients organize their information whether locally on the computer, on an external hard drive or in the cloud. Even if you are only doing email and shopping online, you have created a digital presence that needs to be organized and protected.

We are all at risk of fraud. Instead of thinking you are safe, you should employ strategies to ensure you are at less risk than others.

I teach my clients how they can employ safe practices for using the internet as well as to how to manage their digital estate.