Estate Organizing and Settlement

ESTATE Organizing & Settlement SUPPORT

Managing all of the treasures we have accumulated in our lives can become overwhelming. I help my clients downsize so it is all more manageable for their families and for impending moves. There are so many amazing local causes to donate to that can use books,  office supplies, clothing, and household gadgets.  Sharing our bounty becomes a new treasure for another person.

I help you think about how to eliminate the vagaries that lead to family disputes when Estates are being settled. I work closely with Estate Planning Attorneys to make sure you have done everything you can to support your family when they are grieving your loss.

How we have helped others:

  • Catalogue Art and Valuables for Insurance and Estate Planning

  • Downsize Accumulations & Eliminate Storage Units

  • Coordinate Relocations and Estate Distributions

  • Support with Trust Settlements & Beneficiaries Notifications

  • Find the Right Resources to Help with Trust Settlement Activities